CHAMP II, the end of frustrated brush cutting


Ideal for removing weeds on pavements, a better alternative than using chemical weed pesticides

- The CHAMP II fits all "straight" brush cutters from virtually any brand, and fits the same connection as a normal cutting blade. (A cutting blade will normally fit on every straight brush cutter).


- The CHAMP II uses a cutting line which is delivered to size (35 cm) and thus has no problems with the line getting stuck, something that a normal brush cutter head has problems with. It therefore yields a huge amount of time during the use of the CHAMP II and time is money.

- There are no moving parts in the CHAMP II, so no maintenance is necessary, again a considerable gain of time.

- The CHAMP II is made of Marine Grade Aluminum and will not corrode. Even with changing the lines this will not be a problem.

- The CHAMP II consists of 4 parts, 1) the base with which it is attached to the brush cutter, 2) The cutting cylinder in which the trimmer lines go, and 3) the distance ring and 4) the exchangeable wear cap

- The CHAMP II is made on the best machines and has no sharp edges which reduce the lifetime of the line. Made In Holland

- The bottom of the CHAMP II is made of 25 mm thick aluminium longevity. Here is mounted the wear cap.

- The CHAMP II is equipped with 8 holes (4 below and 4 above) making it easy to assemble and disassemble to put in new trimmer lines.

- (The head is constructed in such a way, that as it gets tighter during use,

you need to release the locking pins to change the trimmer lines).



Two spanners are required for changing the trimmer lines and also changing the new "wear cap".   


Of course we are not responsible for the unsafe use with the CHAMP II brush cutter head. The normal personal protective equipment should be used as require by the manufacturer of the machine.

The CHAMP II as a complete set with small wear cap 25 mm

2 key to dismantel, 2 pins to dismantel, reduction ring 20-25.4 mm 

And one bag of cutting line, HEAVY or MEDIUM. You choose




The CHAMP II brush cutter head with small wear cap 25 mm



Supercut HEAVY line 3.9 mm square approx. 90x



Supercut MEDIUM line 3.3 mm square approx. 120x



Key to dismantle the head (galvanized) 2 pieces per head, price per piece



Wear cap for CHAMP II (as separate order) small 25 mm hardened steel 



Wear cap for CHAMP II (as separate order) HEAVY Duty 44 mm